The doctor's (Shenzhen) Group Co. Ltd. was founded in 2017 by Yihe (Beijing) Investment Company Limited is wholly owned, is a professional engaged in tumor segments of professional team of doctors medical doctors hold brand operation platform. Let the quality of medical resources to obtain better development space, let the patients enjoy more professional, more thoughtful and + service, is a public group invariant the purposes and objectives of the doctor.

Since its establishment, it has been committed to the value development of high-quality doctors resources at home and abroad, shaping the image brand of doctors, and promoting reliable and reliable medical services to more needs of patients. It has become the trusting group of doctors and trusting patients.


  • Sense of worth

    Enterprise values

    Good practice Xiude seek new focus service collaboration

  • Mission

    Enterprise mission

    Influence the health industry with the way of wisdom ecology

  • vision

    Corporate vision

    Professional - trust - coordination, let everyone enjoy the welfare of intelligent diagnosis and treatment, determined to become the first service brand in the field of medical industry.


The carpenter idea: use the artisan spirit, do things together medical precision; medical elite, seeking new mode.

In the "Internet plus" the rapid rise of today, network technology is accelerating the change of the change of each industry to turn the world upside down. Since the founding of the craftsmen has been paying attention to the cultivation of professional talents, technological innovation, and the maximization of the value of the "three dimensions". With the new, it will determine the position you are leading in the industry.

Maximize three dimensions.

  • Must have the courage to open up the ideological attitude to maximize the capacity; the first with the concept of win-win cooperation Yong; encourage staff development - the multi-party collaboration; with the development standard of Jinyi refinement industry knowledge - the most pioneering. This will be an important management theory and standard for the healthy development of the craftsmen.
  • The doctor who group has been adhering to the artisan spirit and the pursuit of, the use of networking technology to the forefront of the Internet and a new generation of intelligent, dedicated to the field of intelligent radiotherapy for the development of the research and exploration. "Hope to promote the medical wisdom of temper industry new opportunities", combined with the "big health industry" of the latest policy trends, we strive to become innovative Internet plus medical services and research the new ecological change, to the city line of medical institutions, medical team, and personnel to provide a healthy and open, active, intelligent cloud ecological environment.
  • The future, the company will not only in terms of health management, medical intelligent plough for industry professionals, high-quality medical personnel resource integration and deployment, promote talent and technology on flow, industry analysis, academic research, innovation and efficient treatment of the medical staff service mode, to build an efficient, professional, flexible and Open Cloud model, open up a new cloud ecological treatment forms for the majority of doctors and patients.

The development goal is to become a doctor and treatment group in the form of a breakthrough of diversification, reasonable medical service and precise doctor value system will promote a new business model has gradually mature, development, innovation, breakthrough again, this is one of the important power group and continue to adhere to all the doctors' efforts.


We're waiting for you to join
In order to meet the company's business development and long-term talent demand, the introduction and cultivation of talents is a key point that has been paid attention to since its establishment. DE xian、professional、skills、learning is a standard of company hire talent, can clear positioning, development, learning to have a clear career planning staff to follow sound company/support collaborative development.
According to the company's development needs, the recruitment of talents in the society:
Software project manager
Responsibility: responsible for the effective development, the user, the coordination between the business and the company to the whole project progress and each link to timely handle, complete medical software development and market promotion related work.
1. Ability of overall project supervision and coordination.
2. Understand all kinds of mainstream development languages, PHP, ASP, JAVA, C, C++, C#, understand C/S, B/S development mode, and understand network software and hardware.
3. Male 25-39 years old, healthy and able to adapt to travel.
4. Have or participated in the medical software development and project manager first, and the specific treatment is considered as the working ability.
Software sales
Job responsibilities: medical software sales promotion, project maintenance, project development. Medical equipment sales
1. Have more than 2 years of experience in the medical industry and have good communication and coordination skills.
2. Be able to independently develop all business related matters in the region responsible for the development and operation.
3. Be fit for business trip.