The group of physicists has gathered physical experts and physical therapist in first tier cities and cancer nationwide key medical units, combined with many years of clinical experience and academic research, providing accurate and perfect physical diagnosis and treatment plan services for cancer patients.

The physicists group adheres to the patient centered, providing the best radiation physics plan and standardized quality control management system, bringing high standard and high praise service to the majority of cancer patients.

The physicists platform provides each patient with physical examination requirements, optional cases and trans regional cases, assisting the physics engineer to create personal brand value and enriching the practice income by multiple channels.

Through the grasp and operation of high-quality medical resources, the group will nurture more physical education teachers' back resources, improve the communication between physics teachers, and discuss academic discussions together to create a good brand image of the group of physicists. Promote the advanced treatment of cancer in China.



  • Expert physicist

  • Optimal physical design

  • Freelance model

  • International resources

  • Brand building