The technology of remote consultation has realized the real-time and efficient interconnection of medical units at all levels, achieved the high level of docking of medical resources, and the expert consultation of remote HD interaction at home and abroad, so that it can cooperate to solve the actual diagnosis and treatment needs of special patients. Through the intelligent therapy cloud system platform, remote HD interactive consultation, calling the case information and other core functions, experts and doctors achieve the reliability of remote visit, and enhance the timeliness and accuracy of precision radiotherapy.

Multi-party consultation system platform for smart cloud treatment system has its own intellectual property rights, there is no need to download any software, web login system easily and expert consultation video, Zhi cloud therapy is real-time online video mode is the industry's first screen people, the highest capacity of 14 people, keep the technical level in the same industry. The platform has the characteristics of high user experience, clear picture, no delay, smooth voice communication and synchronous recording. The system achieves real-time communication barrier, saves time for diagnosis and treatment, and improves the treatment efficiency of the hospital. The treatment benefits and overall economic benefits of the Department of radiotherapy in the hospital are greatly improved.

Remote consultation can achieve efficient cooperation exchanges, discussion, case study, disease diagnosis, MDT program plan optimization, a variety of treatment methods related to different hospitals, comparison between departments, accelerate the coordination efficiency, provide a good platform for accurate intelligence therapy treat the patients, but also to create a good environment for software interoperability Cooperation Department the hospital room.