The concept of doctor group originated from developed countries such as the United States. The practice of doctors' free practice joined the group of doctors and carried out the whole operation of group branding so as to provide a more extensive service experience for patients. It not only achieves multi-point medical treatment, flexible and free way of work, provides high standard and precise diagnosis and treatment technical services for patients, but also increases the intimate experience in the diagnosis and treatment process.

The doctor who group combining with the current medical treatment status and future medical value sharing treatment trends, integrating high-quality resources and fast diagnosis of doctor channel, set up the doctor group platform advanced high-quality, professional service to doctors, physicists and technicians of medical personnel, with diversified medical wisdom.

The platform invited the doctors and resources at home and abroad to take the lead, and adopted the brand management mode of doctors practicing freely, so that doctors could get richer medical service returns for their personal brand value added services. At the same time, doctors group contract doctors must be in practice, according to the company's brand management standards, the whole process for patients to provide a one-stop care service. Ensure the high quality and high quality of the service.

Next, the doctor group will be more professional and standardized, differentiation field development, medical service will gradually to the patient as the core, the whole industry chain to build the overall operation of finance, medical treatment services, nursing services, health management, pension services such as cross regional. For the different age groups, case subdivision and health care needs, we provide the whole operation management side by side, full programming health management experience, improve the Chinese population's visiting mode and improve the visiting experience.



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