Through the deployment of its own core hardware, the hospital's Radiotherapy Department TPS is composed of private cloud network, so that CT images can be transmitted to the designated hospitals safely and efficiently. After the remote hospitals are sketched and planned, the safe backhaul transmission is achieved, so as to achieve efficient collaboration of medical resources.

To assist the hospital to connect the high quality and high quality diagnosis and treatment resources, and improve the overall inquiry ability and diagnosis effect. When the hospital receives the difficult and large illness, you can choose to apply for a superior or an excellent business line. Improve the quality and consistency of the plan design, reduce the planning time significantly, and achieve the standardization of the treatment planning process.

2.remote control

By deploying its own core hardware, experts can log in at any time and place at any time, so that they can remotely operate and sketch, which has the characteristics of low latency, good quality reduction and simple operation. The local doctor can clearly understand each work link.

This system is suitable for junior hospital implementation of teaching, the patients, cases help situation, let the local patients enjoy the well-known experts personally treatment experience and high quality service, technical details and key learning links of local doctors can also intuitive and efficient, to enhance the overall operational capacity and the capacity of admissions department.